Escape Room In A Box:
The Werewolf Experiment™

19 puzzles. 3 locks.

1 hour to save your life.

What is Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment™?

For game enthusiasts who are looking to host an unforgettable night of fun, ESCAPE ROOM IN A BOX is a 60-90 minute cooperative game where 2-8 players solve puzzles, crack codes, and find hidden clues in order to unlock an antidote to thwart a mad scientist's plot to turn them into werewolves.

It’s an experience as much as a game. It’s a chance to host an unforgettable night of fun with your friends as you race against the clock to twist your brain around puzzling problems and cunning clues.

We can’t tell you too much without ruining the surprise, but these are not just pen and paper puzzles. There are locked boxes! Keys and codes that must be found! Feats of dexterity, quests for knowledge and mind-bending brain teasers that must be accomplished.

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What’s in the box?

What people are saying

  • Without a doubt, Escape Room in a Box is the most fun you can have in an hour from anything on Kickstarter. The writing is funny, puzzles are engaging, and is a must have on your shelf!

    - Rick Perez, Let’s Level Up
  • Escape Room In A Box really breaks out of the box...It creates a complete and immersive environment, accessible for the whole family, and still engaging to experienced gamers. And, amazingly, it's replayable!

    -Joel Eddy, Drive Thru Review
  • Escape Room In A Box offered us a better experience than many rooms, and it did so from the comfort of our dining room, at the price of 1.5 tickets to an escape rooom.

    -David Spira, Room Escape Artist
  • A surprising and continuously challenging game that made the hour fly by, even for our experienced gaming group.

    -Tony McRee, Rolling Dice and Taking Names
  • What comes in this box is an hour of unforgettable awesome.

    -Isaac Shalev, On Board Games
  • A blast. Everyone was engaged, working on puzzles, excited when we discovered solutions. A+ experience!

    -Brian Everett, Cloak and Meeple
  • Escape Room In A Box was the most mind boggling fun that I've ever had.

    -Barbara Dillon, Fanboy comics
  • At one point Katie screamed, and we wasted over a minute trying to recover from laughing so hard.

    -Sara Meadows, Tantrum House
  • Invokes the same anxiety and urgency of a real escape room for a portion of the price.

    -Blue Peg, Pink Peg
  • It was one of the best 40 minutes of gaming I've ever experienced.

    -Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games
Escape Rooms are a wildly popular new form of live gaming sweeping the world. The basic concept is a group of people gets locked in a room and has to solve puzzles both physical and mental in order to find keys and codes that will get them out of the room. In our game, we have all the awesome excitement, so players can have the same immersive and challenging experience in the comfort of their own home (and for a lot less money!).
Anyone who loves Escape Rooms. Anyone who loves puzzles. Anyone who wants to host a super unique party. Anyone who wants a really fun team building exercise or ice breaker, such as companies or clubs.
This is primarily a one time use game, just like brick and mortar Escape Rooms or a Murder Mystery Night Game. As you'll see when you play, it isn't just solving puzzles. The puzzles are part of a complicated web of clues and meta puzzles that lead you to your goal, so after the first play, you'll know too much! However, we want some replay-ability, so the game comes with a refill pack that includes a PDF of the puzzles, replacements for the elements that are used up, and instructions for reconstructing the box. It also includes a "game master script" for the host so that you take charge of certain elements as you lead another group of your friends through their adventure!
This game is designed for players ages 13+.
Many of the puzzles are dependent on a knowledge of English both word meanings and spellings. We've had a few non-native speakers (who are fluent in English) play through just fine, but knowing English is pretty important. If you have one person who isn't fluent, it should still be fun as there are some puzzles that don't require any English. But, it'd be good if the rest of the players are fluent in English.
You will receive a beautifully designed, fascinating box. You will take off the lid and notice that there is a panel that you CANNOT LIFT until you start the game. Intrigued, you will invite your friends over for an ESCAPE ROOM IN A BOX PARTY. You can even make appetizers, drinks, and decorations from the Official Escape Room In A Box Party Planner. The day of your party will arrive, everyone will be excited and curious about what's to come. You will eat, drink, be merry and gather around a table to begin this once in a lifetime experience. You will lift the lid and...... We can't tell you any more without spoilers and we would never do that to you!